Impact Of Bullying on Academic Performance of Grade 4 Students at San Bartolome Elementary School


  • Lucille Mae Capoy
  • Jannel Lyka Caricungan
  • Rose Marie Grecia
  • Karla Jean Martinez
  • Evangeline Papauran
  • Amelia Ablen




Bullying is intentional behavior that hurts, harm, or humiliates a student either physically or emotionally and can happen whileat school, in the community, or online. Bullying is an unwanted behavior among school-aged children. This behavior is repeated or has the potential to be repeated over time. It can include verbal harassment, physical assault, and may be directed repeatedly toward particular victims, perhaps on religion, gender, sexuality, or ability in the imbalance of social or physical power. Bullying consists of three basic types of abuse, that is, social, verbal, and physical. The most reported bullying happens in the school building, over the Internet, or in the community they belong to. This chapter presented the research method, procedures, techniques, and data-gathering instruments that were used in the investigation to complete the study, including research design,respondents, sampling, validation, administration and retrieval, and statistical treatment of data. The researchers came up with the following conclusions based on the findings of this study. There is a varied description of the respondents in terms of age, gender, and religion. The causes of bullying affect the academic performance of the students. Some effects of bullying affected the academic performance of the students. Problems were also encountered by the victims of bullying in school. There are solutions to bullying to resolve and minimize the cases of bullying. Based on summary findings, bullying affects the academic performance of Grade 4 students. Based on the table, social interaction often affects the students’ socialization and lessens their interest in studying because they are being bullied. The performance of students in school often affects their physical posture because they are being bullied. The student who is a victim of bullying is often in fear and hopeless, as well as change their behavior because of the bullying they encountered. Students with busy parents may fight less against bullying toward them. The respondent moderately agreed that poor communication is one of their problems. Most of the respondents moderately agreed that the school administration does not talk about bullying. Parents may strongly agree to have time to talk to their children to lessen the incidents of bullying. Having counseling sessions and seminars may reduce the incidents of bullying among students.



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