MCU-Based Home Automation by Using Android Application


  • Ara Mae Cruz
  • Kenan Joshua Escultura
  • Ronnie Flor
  • Caring Joyce Gutierrez
  • Lorenz Maguddayao




Home automation is building for a home that is called a smart home or smart house. A home automation system will control lighting, entertainment system, and appliances. The proposed project is MCU-based home automation by using an android application. The electrical appliances at home are usually turned on and turned off switch manually. The proponents proposed this project for home automation where the user can control their appliances at home by using an android application. This device can help the user to lessen the use of manual switching on and off their appliances. The scientific method and engineering method are typically represented as a set of steps that will help guide a project, investigation, innovation, or experiment. First, the proponents determined what the main problem of their proposed project is and identified the main needs of this project. Second, the proponents did background research to determine the existing solutions to similar problems and avoid mistakes that were made in the past. Third, the proponents specified the requirements, the proponents gathered all the specific requirements both the hardware and the software parts of the device for better features, design, and excellent functioning. This device can prevent fire accidents and lessen the electricity bills because the user can turn their appliances on and off when they are far from their home with the use of mobile phones. This device is very useful to owners because they only need to click on their mobile phones to turn off their appliances, thereby resulting in fewer worries. Before, we need to manually switch our appliances on and off. However, at present, the proponents built a device not only for switching on and off the appliances and they used mobile phones so that the user can forget their appliances at home with the use of study and technology. The project contained a standard description of what is expected to be done, the prerequisite of the project, and how to produce the expected amount of work. It included the discussion of the requirements to do the project, which covers the planning stage to make the device possible. Input, identity data, or the possible requirements of the system were also included. The researchers also specified the hardware and software requirements in developing the system. To have a unique design, the process of conducting data gathering through interviews, surveys, and observations should be performed.



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Cruz, A. M. ., Escultura, K. J. ., Flor, R. ., Gutierrez, C. J. ., & Maguddayao, L. . (2020). MCU-Based Home Automation by Using Android Application. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from