Monitoring and Control of Soil Acidity and Moisture by Using Microcontroller Unit for Capsicum frutescens


  • Johnmar Valencia
  • John Barry Baleros
  • Alyssa Vina Mae Bartolome
  • Carlo Orong
  • Cyder Louie Rutaquio
  • Wendy Vera Ramos


soil acidity, soil moisture, monitoring and control of soil, Capsicum frutescens, healthy soil, healthy plant, solar-powered device


One of the major problems of the farmers in the Philippines is the soil. There are so many reasons why the land is needed in the Philippines by the farmers continues to decrease. In this research, the proponents focused on the problem of soil acidity and lack of moisture. The purpose of this study is tohelp people on the farm or farmers and future researchers. The main objective of this study was to build a device that would help people on the farm or farmers to be easily notified about the soil status if their soil is already acidic or if it lacks moisture. It can also cure the soil quickly by using water if the soil is reported as lack of moisture and liquid fertilizer if the soil is reported as acidic. Lastly, the proposed device is environmentally friendly because it is a solar-powered device. This device will lessen the workload of the user while adding productivity. The Sprint Methodology was used by the proponents to create the proposed device. This product design process was done in small iterations. Thus, all ideas are checked regularly and changed if necessary. Hence, the device can easily adapt to changes if there is a need to change. The device has 6 phases starts with phase 1, that is, understanding the whole concept, information and ideas continued to phase 2 define is getting all means or value of a product. Phase 3 is a sketch of the tentative draft. Phase 4 is the deciding phase where all concepts, information, and ideas are analyzed all at once and finalized to be able to build a product. Afterward, phase 5 prototype refers to making a release of a product built to test a concept or process the last phase that validates the product by testing it multiple times. As a result of using the proposed device, the highest height of the chili plant cured plant height was 9.75 inches (24.765 centimeters), while the lowest height of the chili plant from the uncured plant was 6.00 inches (15.24 centimeters). The proposed device can give proper supervision to the soil. Healthy soil provides healthy plants. Based on the result, the proposed device is effective, and the proponent recommended using this device to improve the soil condition and plant. s



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Valencia, J. ., Baleros, J. B. ., Bartolome, A. V. M. ., Orong, C. ., Rutaquio, C. L. ., & Ramos, W. V. . (2020). Monitoring and Control of Soil Acidity and Moisture by Using Microcontroller Unit for Capsicum frutescens. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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