Development of an Informatics Nurse Specialist Program and Certification Process for the Republic of the Philippines


  • John Francis Jr. L Faustorilla


informatics, nursing informatics, health informatics, informatics nurse specialist, nursing, advance nursing practice


There is a pressing challenge of setting mechanisms to address the issues and concerns of certification and standardization. Its significance is founded on the consideration of nursing as a discipline of knowledge and a practice profession. This study aimed to address and develop the informatics nurse specialist (INS) certification program using existing cases as a foundation for the development of a sound certification program. Specifically, it resolved questions on the development, elements, patterns and proposal of an INS program and certification process. This study utilized a multiple case study approach with a single unit of analysis. Case reports have been prepared for both cases, the American Nurses Association and the International Medical Informatics Association – Nursing Informatics Special Interest Group, on their similarities and differences as they align with the development of the informatics nursing specialist program and certification process. Two main conclusions can be derived from this study: (1) Significant patterns identified to be common among the different INS program revolved around 5 key elements. There are also 14 core patterns that emerged in the analysis of these cases; (2) There are 15 significant patterns, specifically among competencies, identified to be common among the different nursing informatics certification processes.