The Assessment of the Motorcycle Riding-in-Tandem Ordinance in Mandaluyong City: A Basis for an Intensified Information Dissemination and Enforcement


  • Baby Kharen A. Cristal


Motorcycle, Riding-in-Tandem, Ordinance, Information Dissemination, Enforcement


This study aimed to assess the implementation of the Motorcycle Riding-in Tandem Ordinance in Mandaluyong City as evaluated by two groups of respondents, motor riders and traffic enforcers, barangay officials together with PNP personnel totaling to 100 as the basis for an intensified information and dissemination. Purposive Sampling was utilized in determining the respondents. The researcher conducted the study in five days (Thursday to Monday from March 7-11, 2019). A descriptive method of research was applied in this study using survey questionnaires as a research instrument to gather data. The data collected were analyzed using the main statistical tools like frequency count, percentage and mean computation. The results showed that the respondents are aware of Ordinance 595 implemented in Mandaluyong City. They agreed that they are aware of the implementation because the ordinance was clearly stated, there are authorities prohibiting it and there is a usage of signage. But the findings also presented that they are less aware of the specific boundary and provisions that the ordinance covered because it was not well disseminated, that there is no regular monitoring and there is no enough number of personnel implementing the ordinance. The researcher recommended that the Sangguniang Panglunsod may continue to maintain the strict implementation of the Anti Riding-in-Tandem Ordinance in Mandaluyong; authorities should specify the boundary covered by the Ordinance and should have enough personnel to implement it. They should also continue posting and disseminating information to discuss other provisions mentioned and included in the ordinance for the awareness of the general public to avoid complaints and violations.