Workplace Bullying and Work Performance of Teachers in Selected Public Schools in District 6 of Pangasinan


  • Rosalinda R. Madelo


Workplace Bullying, Work Performance, District 6 of Pangasinan


This study aimed to determine the relationship of workplace bullying with the work performance of teachers in selected public schools in District 6 of Pangasinan. The study utilized the descriptive method with the use of a survey. This study included 156 public school teachers as respondents.The driving objectives for this research were: 1. to identify the demographic profile of the respondents, 2. to examine the frequency of occurrence of workplace bullying, 3. to identify the assessment of teachers’ work performance, 4. to investigate the relationship of work-related bullying and work performance, 5. to examine the relationship of person-related bullying and work performance.

The highlights of the findings revealed that the demographic profile of the respondents were females, 31-50 years old, married, and with 21 and above teaching experience. There was no workplace bullying in District 6 of Pangasinan. The teachers gave themselves excellent in terms of work performance. There were no significant relationships between work-related bullying and work performance. There were significant relationships between person-related bullying and work performance.

The researcher recommended that the school administrators should be able to maintain the existing policies that they have that are seemingly working for their respective schools.