Effective Ways and Methods to Improve Corporate Leadership


  • Rowena S. Cruz, MBA


Effective Ways, Methods, Improve Corporate Leadership


Lack of leadership is a global issue. On a global scale, the need for leadership far exceeds its supply capacity. Since the early 1980s, when it comes to organizational transformation, one related issue that cannot be addressed is leadership. It can be said that the new management style hopes that leaders can cope with complexity and uncertainty and guide change. To gain motivation and fun, leadership is therefore seen as the most important issue in the reform process. Jack Welch of the United States once said: "In this era of a knowledge-based economy, if you want to succeed, you only have to constantly improve your ability, enhance your overall quality, and constantly improve your leadership. One organization especially For a company to achieve lasting success, it must focus on leadership to adapt to change and maintain a competitive advantage."Leadership represents the excellence of the company. Through excellence, the company can show its style and win the competition. Leadership can make the value of outstanding employees fulfilled. Leadership needs to be nurtured and created with perseverance. Small businesses do things, big companies do people; small people do things, big people do people. Being a "person" means that the leader is a self-disciplined, self-disciplined, high-spirited leader and a person who can effectively influence and inspire others; employees who are committed to business and entrepreneurship. In the long run, companies will form leadership for the public's leadership and excellence. Leadership is often seen as one of the most important key factors in organizational growth, change, and regeneration. Regrettably, however, leadership is destined to be a shortage of resources. It is precisely because of this shortage that many companies have difficulty adapting to the era of increasing global competition today. There is no end to leadership development, and there is no fixed format for building leadership. But through the following ways and methods, leadership can be improved to some extent. 1. the decision-making level attaches great importance to the leadership team building. 2. the selection and training of both. 3. quality-oriented, enhance leadership in experiential training. 4. Incorporate the company's plan to enhance leadership into the senior career plan of senior staff.