Material Resources Management in Tarlac West District: Towards a Plan of Action


  • Jennifer B. Mejia, PhD


Material Resources Management, Tarlac West District, Plan of Action


The study aimed to look into the material resources management at Tarlac West District schools and to formulate an action plan for improvement during the school year 2015-2016.

The study focused on the material resources management of school heads/principals, custodians, and selected teachers in Tarlac West District which composed of 28 schools. It covered the different materials resources they manage at school, including their practices on material resources management, problems, and issues about material resources management. It also covered their practices and activities that are related to material resources management.

This study used the descriptive research design to look into the material resources management including the management practices of the school administrators in Tarlac West District.

It also revealed in the study that functionality for instructional spaces is fairly functional, for the administrative and service space is functional, for furniture, equipment, and other facilities functionality are also functional.

The grand mean score for management practices is 3.72 and has a verbal description of very satisfactory. The total mean score for problems encountered in materials resources management is 2.12 with a verbal description of not so serious.