Human Factor Management in Commercial Aircraft of a Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul of Service Provider


  • Hafzza Nurjehan T. Sariph, MBA


Human Factor Management, Commercial Aircraft, Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, Service Provider


One of the factors that caused aircraft accidents were due to human errors. Since technology modification and flights automation system have incorporated in the aircraft, accidents caused the human error is now shifting from aircraft crews to aircraft maintenance personnel. Understanding human factors in aircraft maintenance are very timely to improve the safety and reliability of aircraft, hence preventing unwanted incidents and accidents.

The study assessed the human factor management of an MRO service provider and determined the awareness of areas that required attention and to further improved and managed human factors. Specifically, this sought to ascertain if there is a significant difference among the responses of personnel that were directly involved in aircraft maintenance about their assessment on human factor management and level of awareness on the variables regarding commercial aircraft maintenance.

This research implemented a Descriptive Method. A survey questionnaire was used to gather pertinent data. Data gathered was analyzed and statistically treated and precisely validated the results. Data showed that there was a significant difference in the assessment of human factor management of the respondents based on the SHELL model when group according in terms of position and number of years in the organization. Results showed that the overall assessment of respondents agreed that human factor management was being implemented in an MRO service provider. Data also revealed that respondents were somewhat aware of the effects of human contributed error during aircraft maintenance. Also, there is a significant difference in the level of awareness on the variables regarding commercial aircraft maintenance when grouped according to the position. Hence, the MRO service provider has to continue and enhance its drive on human factor management.