Gender-based Management Styles in Fast Food Restaurants in Pasig City


  • Edmond F. Clemente


Gender-based, Management Styles, Fast Food Restaurants


The study seeks to identify the gender-based management styles utilized by managers in fast-food restaurants in Pasig City.The researcher utilized the descriptive method of research to explore the gender-based management styles of different managers in fast-food restaurants in Pasig City.

The respondents of this study were 30 individuals coming from fast-food restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC, Jollibee, Mang Inasal and Chowking. These fast-food restaurants were dispersed in the different areas of Pasig City. Based on the information collected from the respondents, the researcher was able to derive the following results:

  • Most of the respondents were male at 53.3%, while only 46.7% were female. The majority of the respondents were aged between 21-30 years old; majority work as managers; most of the respondents were college graduates, and most of them identify with the coaching leadership style when working with their team.
  • In addition, it is deduced from the results that there is no significant difference in terms of the different variables in connection with the management styles presented.

It is concluded that most managers have a distinct style in handling their subordinates. It has been known that most male managers are more dominant in handling the workplace and have difficulty in listening to the minute details of problems. Most women managers chose to become democratic leaders because it yields better approval from their subordinates. Furthermore, women managers often yieldthe strength to encourage their subordinates to be more creative and innovative.

It is recommended that companies create specific programs for the distinct management style of their managers. This can create a better pathway for people management and canyield better results for productivity coming from their employees. Furthermore, encouraging managers to become better products of them can also encourage more employees to work harder and better.