An Alumni Tracer System for Saint Louis College


  • Marie Camille S. Hufana, PhD


Alumni Tracer System, Saint Louis College


This study aimed to develop an Alumni Tracer System for Saint Louis College. Software Engineering Process was used to develop the system. This study was a descriptive and developmental research method. It was subjected to the test of WUCET by the IT experts in terms of the level of usability which consists of attractiveness, control, helpfulness, and learnability. WAMMI tool was used by the Alumni Affairs and Job Placement Officer and selected alumni to evaluate its level of usability in terms of users’ satisfaction. The findings show that the developed ATS-SLC addressed all the constraints in the existing Alumni Tracer System and found it to have a high level of usability. Based on the findings, the developed Alumni Tracer System is recommended for adaption by Saint Louis College.