A Quality Assurance Roadmap for Saint Louis College Basic Education Schools


  • Redemtor V. Cariño


Quality AssuranceRoadmap, Saint Louis College Basic Education School


At all levels of the education system, quality education is one of the most significant issues confronting the 21st century. An important role in ensuring the quality of education lies in the strategic plan and activities of the school. Hence, a Quality Assurance Roadmap for Saint Louis College Basic Education Schools (SLC BEdS) was developed and proposed.

The research questions addressed the profile of the school in terms of faculty along highest educational attainment, area of specialization, subjects taught and trainings and seminars attended for the last 2 years, and performance indicators along promotion rate, dropout rate, completion rate, and NAT rate, the respondents’ level of awareness on the vision, mission and objectives of SLC, the school’s extent of compliance to DepEd requirements in the operation of Enhanced Basic Education Program and its performance based on the latest PAASCU evaluation. The triangulation convergence model was adopted in this study. The data obtained from the 367 respondentswere computed through frequency count, percentage and weighted mean. Document analysis was also utilized on the school’s performance in PAASCU evaluation in its latest accreditation visit.

Consequently, it was revealed that 100% of the faculty members possess the required bachelor’s degree, teach their area of specialization and have attended training and seminars at the local level. The performance of the school is very high along with the promotion rate and completion rate and is very low in terms of dropout rate. On the other hand, the school got an average mastery of the NAT rate. In like manner, the respondents were found to be very highly aware of the vision, mission, and objectives of SLC. The school is fully compliant with DepEd requirements in theoperation of the Enhanced Basic Education Program. The findings further show that only the Administration area was considered the capability of SLC BEdS. All the other areas evaluated in the latest PAASCU accreditation were considered constraints. Based on the findings of the study, a Quality Assurance Roadmap for SLC BEdS was formulated.