The Science Reflective Journal: A Tool in Assessing the Grade Four Learners' Performance and the Attitude Towards Science


  • Thea Zonette S. Medrano, PhD


Science Reflective Journal, Assessing the Grade Four Learners, Performance and the Attitude, Science


This study aims to investigate the effects of science reflective journals on the performance and attitude of grade four learners towards Science. These students were given a reflective journal, which they recorded after they finished their science lessons. They reflected the things they observed in their hands-on activities, dialogues with classmates and teachers, their conclusions, their level of understanding of the scientific concepts presented in the lessons, and their feelings regarding what were taught in the lessons. The students were also given an achievement test to determine the effects of keeping a journal in their performance in Science. The result shows that using a reflective journal develops the critical and reflective thinking of the students that leads to meaningful and permanent learning. It also helps the learners to be responsible for their own learning.

In this research, descriptive qualitative methods, observation, interviews were used to describe the effects of keeping a reflective journal. The students’ reflections were studied, analyzed, and interpreted through themes.