The Information and Communication Technology Skills of Computer Systems that are Servicing Student of Junior High Schools in Imus City


  • Rusell Irene L. Lagunsad


Information and Communication Technology Skills, Computer Systems


Information and Communication Technology Skills are requisite in every aspect of our lives today. It is no longer an edge or an advantage but more of a life skill that everyone must-have. Nonetheless, the Department of Education has intentionally incorporated these skills in the Junior High School programs, particularly in the Computer Systems Servicing (CSS) program to ensure that those taking up this coursework will have above-level ICT skills. The study looked into the level of ICT skills of the Junior High School students of Imus City in the school year 2017-2018. It made use of a descriptive research design employing a self-assessment questionnaire. Respondents were grade 10 students from three (3) junior high schools, and they were given self-assessment questionnaires. Part 1 of the questionnaire aims to get the profile of the students and part 2 is lifted from the curriculum guide of the Department of Education and the training regulation of TESDA which seeks to ascertain the level of ICT competencies of the respondents. Statistical tools were applied in measuring and analyzing the data gathered. The core competencies measured are based on the competencies set forth by TESDA and DepEd namely a) installing and configuring computer systems, b)setting-up computer networks c)setting-up computer servers and d)maintaining and repairing computer systems and networks. As a whole, the students have very good ICT skills; however, there are some areas that must be strengthened, particularly those that concern documentation and reporting.