An Assessment of Board Performance Results: A Basis for an Improved Building Technology Course Content


  • Baniline Jone V. Abantao, DBA


Improved Building Technology Course Content, Board Performance Results, Architecture


Architecture is the art of architectural architecture: collectively, buildings and the style and method of construction that are characteristic of a person, place or time. The branch of understanding deals with the development and application of techniques and equipment and their connection with lives, communities, and the world. The job of building and forming houses and other habitable surroundings leads to a unifying or consistent framework. In the Philippines, the need for architects started to develop only during the sixties. This need was limited to the élite, the few who had the resources to commission professional designers for their homes and projects (as architects were known at the time). The goal is to make the workplace work correctly within a framework that is secure and useful and to impart to the entire population a suitable beauty and differentiation to our moment. Architectural building techniques mainly cover building oversight, design and detailing, timber, steel, concrete, services, mechanical design and the selection of equipment. It also checks that the design works correctly in a secure and healthy framework. People must now understand that the architect's contributions to the viability and achievement of the venture before, during and after the building phases. At the very least, engineers release the proprietor from issues caused by his project building. The importance of building technology which is an integral part of technical and vocational education cannot be overemphasized; since this field of study represent a core index of national development. A major between an advanced country and a developing between an advanced country and a developing one is to a large measure the difference between their levels of scientific and technological development in various areas of technology education, building technology education is also bedrock upon which advance nations are based. Presently, it has raised its popularity and put the architect on an even greater level as a technical job. People are now familiar with the core of exercise, but it is necessary to increase further government data on the architect's position in national construction. We are responsible for maintaining this wheel spinning to provide the industry and building sector as a whole with a stronger future.