Understanding Consumer Perceptions on the Ethical Responsibility of Real Estate Practitioners


  • Edmund G. Arias


consumers’ behavior, consumers’ perception, ethical responsibility, real estate practitioners


High value or higher transaction of a real estate consumer need someone who is professional and has an expertise in the field who will give the client the best quality and satisfaction on the real estate transaction. This study would be significant and beneficial to both the buyers and the sellers to better understand the consumer perception of the ethical responsibility of real estate practitioners. A descriptive method of research was used in this study to gather secondary data from various journals and researchers related to the topic or problem which directed the researcher to a more comprehensive discussion on the concept of consumer perception and ethical responsibility of a real estate practitioner as perceived by the consumers. The findings may be used to minimize the unethical transaction or misbehaviour of the real estate practitioners in order to retain the trust and loyalty of their valued customers in their chosen real estate providers.