Correlating Adversity Quotient and Commitment to Organizational Values of Elementary School Heads in the Division Of Quezon: Basis for an Enhancement Program


  • Vivencio M. Mojico


Organization Values, Adversity Quotient, Commitment


This research study aimed to correlate adversity quotient and commitment to organizational values of elementary school heads in the Division of Quezon as a basis for an enhancement program. The researcher used a descriptive-correlational research design using three sets of questionnaires. The questionnaires include the adversity quotient profile and Organizational Commitment Questionnaire validated by experts and employed to 116 elementary school heads in the 2nd Congressional district of Quezon. From the results of this study, the researcher found out that the adversity quotient of the elementary school heads in the Division of Quezon is low, yet, they have a high commitment to organizational values. The correlation of the elementary school heads` adversity quotient has significantly little control and influence in adverse situations. However, the computed grand mean for commitment to the school is significantly less than the significance level. Generally, the adversity quotient is weakly positively related to commitment to the school, commitment to administrative and supervisory work, and commitment to the workgroup. Thus, if they could develop the level of their adversity quotient more, it would lead to a higher commitment to the organizational values they employed. Recommendation focused on developing AQ in terms of control to influence their commitment level.