Level of Implementation of Learning Action Cell (LAC) in the Division of Quezon: Basis for a Proposed Enhancement Program


  • Leizel R. Reazo


acceptability, enhancement program, implementation, Learning Action Cell, problems


In line with the implementation of Republic Act No. 10533 or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, the Department of Education (DepEd) issues the enclosed policy on The Learning Action Cell (LAC) as a K to 12 Basic Education Program School-Based Continuing Professional Development Strategy for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning. The School Learning Action Cell (SLAC) should be observed to evaluate individual teachers and their collective performance, as well as to conduct the In-service Training (INSET) activities in support of continuing professional development at the end of the second quarter midterm break, as per DepEd Order No.18, s.2014.

This study sought to identify the level of implementation of the learning action cells and the problems encountered in its implementation to develop an acceptable enhancement program for the conduct of the LAC in the Division of Quezon. The study used the quantitative descriptive method and probability sampling technique with the aid of the Cochran formula. The researcher used validated survey questionnaires to gather data and analyzed responses using percentages and weighted means. The respondents are females, married, Teacher I, and teaching for 4-6 years. The level of implementation of the learning actions cells is generally implemented as perceived by the respondents in terms of prioritization of topics, formation of LAC, scheduling of meetings, setting up of resources, LAC implementation norms, preparing the line-item budget, and writing of LAC plan. The problems encountered in the implementation of the LAC session deals with the difficulty in scheduling due to many school activities and that some teachers are not ICT knowledgeable. The Program for Learning Action Cell Enhancement in School (PLACES) was developed and deemed highly accepted. The study proposed the further improvement of the LAC session in every school to intensify the benefits brought about by the learning action cells on addressing school issues and activities.