Performance of Beginning Teachers in the Division of Quezon: Basis for a Proposed Enhancement Program


  • Jonathan D. Capellan


Teacher Performance, Division of Quezon


This study aimed to identify the performance of beginning teachers in the Fourth Congressional District of Quezon as a basis for a proposed enhancement program. It employed the descriptive type of research with beginning teachers hired from School Year 2013 to 2018 in the Fourth Congressional Districts of the Division of Quezon with 216 respondents. Data were obtained from the respondents using a questionnaire. Findings of the study revealed that the respondents of this study vary in their demographic profile as to age, sex, teaching experience, position, Teacher Induction Program (TIP) training attendance, and Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF) rating. The performance of beginning teachers is Very Satisfactory. The problems encountered by the beginning teachers range from personal to school-wide issues and concerns. There is a significant difference in the mean scores on the performance of teachers with and without the TIP. The beginning teachers often become the victims of heavy workload, which is common in most schools, where most of the activities and reports are assigned to beginning teachers. Using the analyzed data, the researcher proposed an enhancement program design. In the light of findings, the researcher recommends the improvement of strategies of new teachers to enhance knowledge of new teachers about curriculum and planning and diversity of learners.