Development and Validation of the Wondershare Quizcreator for Grade 6 Learners In the Division of Quezon: Basis for a Proposed Assessment Tool


  • Eduardo R. Reduta


acceptability, assessment tool, development, numeracy skills, validation


One of every nation's primary concerns and priorities is the quest for quality education. It is a never-ending and complex venture engaged in by educational systems and world leaders because education is essential in a country’s economic growth and vital in achieving national development and progress. Therefore, it is surmised that the role of education in strengthening the country is critical. The researcher developed and validated an assessment tool using Wondershare QuizCreator for the Grade 6 pupils in the Division of Quezon, which entailed identifying respondents’ demographics and assessing numeracy level of the Grade 6 learners, and identification of the degree of acceptability of the developed assessment tool. This study utilized the descriptive method of quantitative research using validated survey questionnaires with 4-point scales. One hundred sixty (160) Grade 6 Mathematics teachers and one hundred fifty-one (151) ICT coordinators participated in this study aged 20 – 40 years old, female, Teacher I, and 3 – 5 years in teaching Mathematics. Their responses were analyzed using percentages and weighted average mean. Based on the results, the numeracy level of the Grade 6 learners in the Division of Quezon are as follows: fractions - 2.49, decimals - 2.50, and percentages - 2.30. The scores mean that the numeracy abilities specified are less acquired by students. The developed assessment tool was highly acceptable in terms of technical usability and content quality. The study highly recommends implementing the proposed assessment tool in Mathematics using Wondershare QuizCreator to all Grade 6 teachers in the Division of Quezon.