Status of the Implementation of School-Based Feeding Program in the Division of Quezon Basis for A Proposed Sustainability Plan


  • Baby Ruth U. Del Rosario


school, program, sustainability, support, recipients, fund


Hunger is one of the most common problems in most countries worldwide. Malnutrition has become a common hindrance for children to perform better in school. School-based feeding was established to address this issue to help undernourished learners achieve better health and nutrition while they are in school. This study communicates the benefits school beneficiaries get from the feeding program and proposes a proposed sustainability plan to support the program further.

The researcher used the descriptive method and presented the findings on the present situation. She used a survey questionnaire to gather data from 132 school-based feeding coordinators and school heads from different elementary schools in the Division of Quezon. The school-based feeding program was well-implemented in planning, financial management, selection of recipients, food preparation, and evaluation based on the collected data. The total cost for the 132 school recipients for meals over 120 days was Php 14,189,040, which covers 6559 pupils in the Division of Quezon, particularly in the Fourth District. The first major problem encountered by the respondents is the low participation of parents during preparation. Second, the school-based feeding program creates a heavy workload for the teachers. Third, the insufficiency of the feeding area, eating and kitchen utensils, handwashing, and tooth brushing area. Based on the findings, the proposed sustainability plan's acceptance level was highly acceptable. Therefore, the respondents were satisfied with the implementation of the program. Since the budget allocated per pupil is not enough to satisfy the recipients' needs within the 120-day feeding program, the implementers should continue the activity by finding means to raise funds for the continuous feeding activity. The respondents highly accept the proposed sustainability plan.