Research on the Sharing and Sharing of Assets Among Public Hospitals in China


  • Lin Lyu


asset sharing, Public Hospital


With the reforms of the Medical Union continuing to deepen, to optimize the configuration of medical resources, improve the level of operational management, facilitate and relieve the populace burden, hospitals try to explore the idea of asset resource sharing sharing sharing. At present, hospitals mainly incorporate shareable assets such as medical equipment and include resources such as data resources and scientific research platforms that can be shared.

This article analyzed the current situation and problems of asset sharing and sharing in the medical sector and proposed that the sharing and sharing of assets in medical equipment class should strengthen the top-level design to regulate and guide, that the sharing and sharing of data resources class should strengthen the standardization and the construction of information sharing platforms, that the sharing of resources in scientific research platform should break the scientific department and department barriers, and suggested the sharing of assets resources among different grades of hospitals. Using a literature research method, I consulted relevant documents on resource sharing of public hospitals issued by the Chinese government, consulted other relevant literature, and then investigated and consulted hospitals at all levels in different regions. By combing the relevant literature, I investigated the current actual situation of hospitals. This paper summarizes and analyzes the current situation and problems of hospital asset resource sharing by answering my research questions: 1: Hospitals can be included in the scope of sharing common asset resources, 2: Problems and countermeasures of sharing hospital assets, 3: Problems and countermeasures of sharing hospital resources, 4: Obstacles and suggestions in the exploration of asset resource sharing among different levels of hospitals.

In the era of sharing economy, sharing medical care has become an inevitable trend of hospital development. With the deepening of the reform of the medical consortium and the continuous improvement of information technology and information platform construction, the study suggests that government departments formulate corresponding rules through top-level design to promote the sharing of assets and resources within and between hospitals. It can also be integrated by establishing a platform by non-governmental organizations to maximize the value of hospital assets and solve problems for the people.