Customer Shopping Experience, Patronage Intention, and Satisfaction in Supermarkets in Metro Manila Philippines


  • John Lester Depusoy
  • Meckmack Nartea
  • Michelle Del Rosario
  • Michael Angelo de Mesa


COVID 19, in-store, internal shop environment, add-on services, re-patronage


Interestingly, the retail setting in the Philippines is changing rapidly. With the current COVID-19 Pandemic, shoppers fear going outside and prefer to stay at home. Therefore, it is a challenge for supermarket companies to find ways to reach their customers. The motivation behind this review is to revisit the in-store customer shopping experience in a supermarket. The researchers used a convenience sampling method and used an electronic poll through Google Structure posted via social media for online information assortment and investigation utilizing EFA, CFA Mediation examination, and SEM. The absolute number of completed surveys was 158.

The researchers found that stock variety, communication with staff, internal shop environment, and add-on services have a critical relationship with customer loyalty and re-patronage intention. At the same time, there is an inverse relationship between the quality and communication of customers and customer. Finally, this review has given administrators valuable knowledge to understand the current in-store customer shopping experience in supermarkets in Metro Manila.