AI Support in Knowledge Management for Human Resource Management


  • Ria A. Sagun


Knowledge Management, AI support for KM, Knowledge Management for HRM, Knowledge Management Systems for HRM


Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming the keyword in various fields in the industry. The use of different systems with the application of AI is being appreciated by some and put under questioning by others. Like AI, Knowledge Management (KM) is making headlines in today’s business. Different KM systems are available to help the people in the industry. In the field of human resource management, using knowledge management has already been a basis for decision-making. However, some do not explicitly disclose the use of AI for decision-making since the credibility of decisions made from AI is still in question. The next thing can be AI in KM for HRM. This study examines the possibility of artificial intelligence as support for knowledge management. The study also examined the use of knowledge management in human resource management to identify the extent of AI support needed in knowledge management for human resource management. The benefits of combining AI and KM were discussed. A connection and incorporation of artificial intelligence in knowledge management and its different processes were highlighted. This literature review was able to probe the effects and issues of using knowledge management for human resource management, which is sometimes referred to as knowledge-based human resource management. It also gathers the different achievements of AI when confronted with various KM issues. The paper concluded that AI systems can be developed and used to assist KM processes and recommended developing a model for KM in HRM with the support of AI.