An Analysis of Importance and Impact of Process Management and Process Improvement in Times of Pandemic in Selected Shared Service Industries in Metro Manila


  • John Gilbert Garcia


Pandemic, New Normal, Process Improvement, Shared Services


This study analyzed and investigated the impact of the pandemic in the BPO Industry by studying relevant studies in the Philippines since 2019. Compared to studies done during the pre-pandemic period, this research outlined the changes and shift of critical focus in these relevant organizations. The study used qualitative data that will include articles highlighting the focus and rigor around process management and process improvement and its impact compared with topics studied two years ago. This study shows that there is already a process improvement agenda in the overall strategy of the shared services sectors in the Philippines. However, there has been a fast-tracking of what must be accomplished in the next three to five years. The plans before the COVID-19 Pandemic, which includes process standardization, process redesign, and robotics components, were now given a significant focus by the leadership team in the organization. While the pandemic continuous to worsen and the New Normal becomes the permanent norm for everyone, the increasing demand to prioritize process improvement has also increased. Utilizing the appropriate and applicable process improvement approach and framework relevant to the current situation will provide continuous growth and sustainability for these selected shared services sectors in the Philippines.