Company X Introducing Product Y to the Chinese Market


  • Jazze Denise Kwong
  • Paul Ching
  • Isaiah James Dela Cruz
  • Emmanuel Antonio Hernandez
  • Jai Philip Katwal


Chinese Market, Food and Beverage Industry, Consumer Behavior, International Market Approaches, Health Promotion


China is one of the world's most populous countries, and breaking into its market has a significant impact on a company's profitability. With its cultural differences and ever-changing customer behavior, the Chinese market is not an easy market to conquer. Even the world's well-known and popular cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookie failed to appeal to the market. This research focuses on how humans pay attention to the representation of food and beverage products in the market. A total of 50 respondents were recruited at random from full and mixed blooded Chinese using a mixed methods research design. The researchers derived the study's case from various earlier research and carried out this research for three months. The acquired data was analyzed and translated using qualitative and statistical analysis. The findings in the research paper validate prior studies; this research paper indicates that products labeled as healthy and beneficial to customers appeal to the Chinese market.

Furthermore, to maintain profitability in the new market, businesses must customize their products to the targeted market, particularly in China, where they could offer alternative flavors with a better and healthier reputation. Moreover, digital marketing will contribute to the company’s growth by interacting with different prospects to influence individuals to purchase and provide trustworthy referrals. According to the findings, it is necessary to use product adaptation for Company X to dominate the market.