Consumer Pension Loan in Diamond Finance Corporation


  • Crizelle Anne C. Bayan


Pension loan, Customer Satisfaction, Responsiveness, Convenience, Reliability, Competence


This study aimed to assess the level of satisfaction of the consumer pension loan in Diamond Finance Corporation in their branch in Metro Manila. It used the quantitative-descriptive method with a duly validated questionnaire as its research instrument.  Data were drawn from 287 respondents who were consumers of Diamond Finance Corporation. The data collected were checked, described, and tabulated using Frequency tables, Weighted Mean and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The majority of the respondents are aged 54-57 years old, males, college graduates, have been AFP pensioners for 4-5 years, and availed loan once a year used for the family.  The respondents were very satisfied with the pension loan in Diamond Finance Corporation in terms of reliability and competence. They were also satisfied with the pension loan in terms of responsiveness and convenience.


There were no significant differences in the respondents’ assessment on the customer satisfaction on the pension loan when respondents were grouped by age, sex, highest educational attainment, years as a pensioner, and the purpose of the loan. When grouped by type of pension loan availed of, there were significant differences in the respondents’ assessments in terms of reliability and competence. Likewise, when grouped according to respondents’ frequency of pension loans, the respondents’ assessment of the pension loan was statistically different in terms of reliability. Diamond Finance Corporation must start thinking of ways to improve its customer service and start working on its weaknesses. The company should be aware of the number of pensioners since many lending institutions are in the market and give them the best possible experience. Also, companies should continually assess the customer's needs for better transactions and pay attention to customers’ feedback, reviews, and survey results. Another recommendation from the paper’s findings is to create an employee reward program or recognition. For the employee to be inspired to work, genuinely valued, and be known. Being prompt, courteous, and committed are perfect for sustaining good business and building relationships with customers.