Water Refilling Stations in Flood-Prone Areas in Compliance with RA 10611: Towards Policy Implementation Amendment


  • Romeo Pastoral Philippine Christian University


policy, policy implementation


This research aims to develop the basis for the possible policy implementation amendment of the Republic Act No. 10611, known as the Food Safety Act of 2013. This policy implementation amendment would increase the level of compliance of the business owners of water refilling stations in flood-prone areas: Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, and Valenzuela (CAMANAVA). The strict compliance of the food business establishments such as water refilling stations would help to increase the trust and confidence of the people in their products. The researcher used the research's descriptive method, quantitative type, and correlation design to assess the marketing strategies of water refilling stations, the level of consumer satisfaction, and the problems encountered by the owners in implementing marketing strategies. Moreover, the study's target respondents were water refilling station business operators and sanitation inspectors. The statistical tools used in the study include the t-test and weighted mean. The study was conducted in the CAMANAVA cities, covering the year 2022. The study's findings revealed that the product's marketability from the water refilling stations is influenced by the level of compliance of the food business operators to RA10611. In addition, the condition of the water refilling station owners directly affects their compliance, particularly the availability of technology that would mitigate the impact of flood with possible waterborne illness to the production of filtered water. Also, it is affected by the type of management implemented by the business operators within their control to ensure food safety in the production and delivery of products to the target consumers. The level of compliance of the water refilling stations in flood-prone areas mentioned is moderate, except in Valenzuela. It reflects the level of implementation made by the different local government units on the guidelines of RA 10611. To increase the level of compliance of the water refilling stations in these areas, the LGU of each locality should adopt the proposed amendment in the actual implementation. Food Business Operators should utilize the latest technology or upgrade the existing system to produce filtered water. They should also strictly monitor and manage the production of filtered drinking water to encourage their employees to promote food safety in their business.