Eliminating the Phantom Load of Electronic Appliances Using a Modified Power Strip


  • Eldrick Josh Lazarte General de Jesus College
  • Aldric Raymond Paul Santos General de Jesus College
  • Angelo Velarde General de Jesus College
  • John Rhed Babayson General de Jesus College


Phantom Load, Smart Watt Meter, Eliminating Phantom Load


"Phantom Load," a phenomenon in our modern world, causes energy waste in homes and the environment. The researchers innovated a Smart Watt Meter that automatically kills excess electricity, which we call phantom load when an appliance is on standby. Using convenience sampling, we focused on household appliances with a phantom load. In measurement testing, we compute the average kilowatts the appliances consume while on standby mode using the formula p = (z)(t). Collecting data is also conducted, with data collected through experiments and observing the outcomes. The power consumption of the appliances with a phantom load that used the bright-watt meter was cut off using a relay and therefore showed no power consumption afterward. The temperature of the room and the devices and appliances also affected the measurements of the watt meter. Also, they showed to consume more power than appliances in lower temperatures. This paper aims to present our team's effectiveness when it comes to automatically detecting and eliminating unnecessary power consumption in homes using Arduino Uno R3 and other electrical components to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save on electricity bills.