School Governance: Towards an Internal Operations Process Model


  • Ricardo Faldas Philippine Christian University


school governance, resource management, accountability, decision-making, internal operations process


It's important to note that schools, colleges, and institutions have skilled school administrators who can unite academic and non-academic staff behind their goals. This group needs some factors to match their actions with this vision. The existence or absence of such variables, including resource management, accountability, and decision-making, may be seen in any school. Possible flaws in how these are handled could exist. Therefore, if any potential internal processes can be suggested to close these gaps, the researcher will undertake this study considering the abovementioned situations. The researcher used the quantitative research design in the conduct of the study. This was done in three selected schools. Weighted mean was used to determine the implementation and effectiveness of school governance and its effect on internal operations. The findings demonstrate that adequate staff, timely delivery of necessary equipment and supplies, and budget allocation to all organizational departments are crucial for successfully implementing any school governance project or program. This implies that democratic leadership influences how the school's head administrator, professors, and non-academic staff can successfully carry out any tasks relating to school governance. The resources are adequately distributed among the departments, with School 2 receiving the best score with a weighted mean of 4.13 and School 3 receiving the lowest with a weighted mean of 3.40. The management of resources category received the lowest ranking, with a weighted mean of 3.00, for "There is a budget allocated to each department." With a weighted mean of 5.00, 4.20, and 4.30 for Schools 1, 2, and 3, respectively, the respondents of the three schools state that the implementation of school governance as assessed by the school head has "Greatest Extent, "Great Extent, and "Greatest Extent." Furthermore, democratic leadership influences whether or not the school head will effectively carry out any governance-related tasks. Therefore, It is recommended that each school have an allocated budget, deliver the necessary supplies on time and provide enough workforce.