Effects of Social Media on the Reading Comprehension of Selected Senior High School Student of BCP: Towards Intervention


  • Jenyfer Valdez Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Sophia Biene Patriarca Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Leihannie Louise Labanta Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Reynalyn Espallardo Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Maryjoy Dela Cruz Bestlink College of the Philippines


Comprehension, reading, social media


In 2018, the Philippines faced a controversy surrounding the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results, which revealed a score of 340 points in Reading comprehension. As we enter the 21st century, the issue of declining reading comprehension skills has become more pressing, with many individuals being distracted by social media and spending less time reading productively. To address this issue, a research study was conducted to investigate the effects of social media on the reading comprehension of selected Senior High School students of BCP. The study found that digital natives tend to excessively use social media for entertainment, which can be detrimental to their reading comprehension skills if they become too distracted by the content. To combat this, it is recommended that students increase their digital literacy and prioritize their reading comprehension skills to achieve success in their academic pursuits.