Rice and Cassava Flour: An Edible Alternative to Plastic And Paper Straws


  • Rhap Vincent Lapuz General de Jesus College
  • Shawn Dwayne Viseus Dela Cruz General de Jesus College
  • Marc Kent Villasenor General de Jesus College
  • Angel Cuenco General de Jesus College
  • Ginela Victoria Garcia General de Jesus College
  • Katrice Jalova General de Jesus College
  • Princess Janary Munsayac General de Jesus College
  • Cyrene Pelayo General de Jesus College


Edible, Eco-friendly, Straws


Pollution is one of the world's most significant problems, mainly plastic waste, which includes plastic straws. The researchers aim to reduce the use of paper straws, which are also detrimental to nature, considering that they could lead to deforestation. In turn, the researchers developed an edible straw made of cassava and rice flour as an alternative to plastic and paper straws due to the problems caused by the production of plastic and paper. This research investigation is descriptive developmental and will utilize a quantitative approach. The proposed study will undergo a three-stage Planning, Development, and Validation process. Out of 2,418 learners from General de Jesus College, the study will involve 343 respondents. Online surveys using Google Forms will be used to distribute the instruments. Slovin's Formula will be utilized to obtain a random sample from the population. Most people use plastic and paper straws around 2-3 times a week when drinking beverages. Most respondents think that the straws they use in drinking beverages are unsafe for both users and the environment and have considered buying an alternative edible straw. Most of the respondents believe that there is a need to develop edible straws as they are safer and help the environment. With that said, most were unfamiliar with the proposed product. If given a chance, most respondents can afford to pay more and buy edible straws for drinking beverages. Many respondents suggested lower pricing and more flavor and size variations for the proposed edible straws. The development of edible rice straws proved needed, accepted, and favored by the people. Further studies and improvements can be conducted on this topic and product, and investing in its research and production can lead to significant strides toward a more eco-friendly and responsible future.

Author Biography

Rhap Vincent Lapuz, General de Jesus College

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