A Business Plan on the Establishment of Wapatu Café in Pook Amorsolo, UP Campus, Quezon City


  • Jan Denniz Santos Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Marron Montalban Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Mark Angel Nonato Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Lorry Mae Pajarillaga Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Christi Anne Sinco Bestlink College of the Philippines


bussiness plan, coffee


Coffee is a type of beverage that is typically consumed as a mood setter. WaPaTu Cafe is a small business that offers different kinds of beverages, such as tiger sugar latte made from brown sugar, fresh milk (our secret milk), and sugar fructose. This beverage has a unique quality: we add our specially made milk. We also have mocktails which are not commonly offered in cafe businesses. WaPaTu Cafe wanted to satisfy students, teachers, and other individuals that typically stay up all night. The researchers decided to do this concept to offer affordable beverages that satisfy the target customer. Our vision is to be known for the authentic taste of coffee and a student-friendly budget. Encourage and promote an eco-friendly material that offers quality food and beverages that focuses on customer satisfaction, continues product innovation, and supports the community we serve. Our mission is to enhance every coffee lover's experience and understand our customers' needs to satisfy and exceed their expectations while serving coffee and tea in a unique, relaxing environment to our valued customers at affordable prices. This small business was conceptualized in February 2023 at 20D Malantic St. Pook Amorsolo UP Campus Quezon City. With a capital of 50,000 and it has five members of partnership.WaPaTu Cafe Business is classified as a general partnership. In terms of demographic profile, (A) the age WaPaTu Cafe range is 18 years old and above, (B) gender all gender is the target market of the business, including students, teachers, and individuals near the business area. Under the average WaPaTu Cafe is expected to have a return on investment in the 2nd year of operation in Php435, 996.00. The income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet showed that the business is feasible in terms of its pricing because the products offered affordable prices.