System Usability and its Relationship on the Practices of Online Banking Services


  • Zhou Jiali Philippine Christian University


System Usability, online banking


Usability of a system as an interactive process between the user and the system allows the user to get the right information or to perform an activity better in the application. Usability is critical because if a product has good functionality but poor usability, it will not be fully used. Therefore, there is a need to help customers to be satisfied in their online banking transactions, recognizing the vital role of IT specialists in designing, identifying, and helping users to recover from system errors.

This paper analyzes the factors that affect the quality of e-banking services in the commercial banking sector in China. The main objective of this study is to assess the usability of the system and its relationship with online banking service practices. More specifically, it will present a profile of bank customers regarding age, gender, most frequently used mobile banking institutions, mobile banking services, and frequency of using mobile banking. It will determine the system usability assessment of online banking services and satisfaction with online payment methods, remittances, security, technicality, convenience, sociality, and reliability of mobile banking applications. The study will test for significant differences in system usability and online banking satisfaction when grouped by demographic variables. It will further determine system usability and its relationship to online banking service practices and suggest action plans for improving mobile banking.