The Theatre of the Absurd As Depicted in Selected Plays in the Canon of World Literature


  • Ning Kangjian Philippine Christian University


theater, theater of the absurd, world literature


The Theatre of the Absurd is not famous in China. Still, the dynamic zero policy is popular in China. Because of the covid-19, many Chinese have to stay home for their safety, sometimes without enough food and supply. The world has become absurd because of the pandemic, so the proponent seeks answers through The Theatre of the Absurd and finds that life can be had in an absurd society despite the hopelessness.

The method employed is descriptive-qualitative content analysis. This research technique objectively examines the manifest content of written materials like plays, novels, magazines, newspapers, textbooks, etc.

The research has presented the life's meaning of five plays, the illogical development of the plot of the five plays, the essence of existentialism analysis of five plays, and the use of symbolism and irony to reveal the views of absurd society. Chapter five is about a summary of findings, circumstances and recommendations, including a summary of findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Ultimately, the research has shed light on the fact that people suffer a lot in life, search for the meaning of life, and find that living means staying alive. The proponent does not know whether staying alive means a life that can be accepted, and he will try to work for it. Readers of literature need to have a comprehensive understanding of the "true" nature or philosophy of the Theatre of the Absurd; hence professors of literature and students of literature must continue to conduct research studies on the Theatre of the Absurd. Appreciating the Theater of the Absurd is one way to free the readers' comprehension of the true meaning of life, which can be accomplished through this method. Maintain your support for the world of drama and theater by working to improve educational programming and increasing the number of plays that are produced. It is not easy to answer the question of what the meaning of life is, but it is something that should be given people's attention and time.