Online Learning Tools in Selected Private Schools in the Province of Bataan for Learning Productivity Outcomes


  • Lovely Anna C. Ranera Philippine Christian University


learning productivity, online learning tools, distance learning


The traditional classroom setting nowadays no longer applies to the younger generations. Internet and distance learning, generally known as online education that uses online platforms such as Google Classroom, Schoology, ClassIn, Blackboard, and Canvas, plays a vital role in the country's education system.

The researcher chose a quantitative method to study the data. The data were collected from two thousand one hundred fifty-seven (2157) private school teachers and succeeded in collecting all the questionnaires and 17 interview participants from February 2022 to July 2022. Data were processed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA or F-Test).

Various factors that affect the effectiveness of online programs were studied to provide insights into the significant challenges, benefits, and limitations faced. Among the findings, most respondents strongly agreed to use ClassIn as their educational platform. Suggestions were proposed for minimizing identified problems. The study also raised future directions toward learning productivity outcomes.