Delivery of Health Programs and Services in the Municipality of Lezo, Aklan


  • Jyane Loi D. Yecla Aklan State University


local governance, local government, public health


This study evaluated the performance of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Lezo, Aklan, on the delivery of health programs and services employing the Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS). CSIS was designed as a standardized system to generate citizens' feedback on the local government's performance on service delivery and the citizens' general satisfaction. Notably, the study determined the awareness, availment, satisfaction, and need for action on the programs and services for health. The study applied a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods. The samples were determined by applying the Multi-Stage Random Probability Sampling technique to give all the citizens an equal chance to be selected as participants. The 150 respondents were drawn from barangays with larger shares of the population. The qualified sample respondents were identified using the Kish Grid. All respondents were 18 years old and above; an odd-numbered questionnaire was administered to male respondents, while even-numbered questionnaires targeted female respondents. The reasons for their response were likewise gathered.

The study concluded that most citizens are satisfied with the delivery of health programs and services in the municipality of Lezo, Aklan. Notwithstanding this notable result, emphasis on raising awareness among the people could be done to increase their knowledge of the different health programs and services in the locality.