Towards an Enhanced Aviation Security Training Framework


  • Josephine G. de Ocampo Philippine Christian University


security screening officers, aviation security


This research study was designed to examine the relationship between the Security Screening Officers' (SSOs) performance and training program of the aviation security (AVSEC) screeners in the airport screening checkpoints towards formulating an enhanced Aviation Security Training Framework.

This study aimed to investigate the efficacy of training programs in enhancing the security attitude and the capabilities of security screening officers. The researcher employed a quantitative, one-sample, paired t-test, ANOVA by factors and Ordinary Least Square (OLS) regression analysis. The data was obtained from the responses on the researcher-administered questionnaires to the SSOs, AVSEC Screening Checkpoint Supervisors, and the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) AVSEC National Auditors.

The data comprises 30 SSOs, 10 AVSEC Screening Checkpoint Supervisors, and 10 OTS AVSEC National Auditor's responses to survey questionnaires. The Analysis demonstrated that the Training Program was essential for airport checkpoint screeners.