Assessment of Guest Services at Selected Hotels in Manila: Basis for Hotel Service Improvement


  • Maria Imelda S. Coloma Philippine Christian University
  • Aira Mhae D. Bation Philippine Christian University
  • Francheska L. Revaula Philippine Christian University
  • Aldo Brey C. Serrano Philippine Christian University


hospitality, hotel management, guest services, tourism


The primary purpose of this study is to assess the quality of guest service at selected hotels in the City of Manila. The research piece will help the readers to be more aware of what factors and reasons affect the satisfaction of their guests. This can also help the Managers or developers of the hotels to innovate further the services they offer.

This quantitative research design was selected for this study because it was a formal, objective, systematic process using numerical data to obtain information. The researchers chose a descriptive method that aims to describe a population. Taking care of the customer is the heart of the hospitality business. Guest Service in the Hospitality Industry explores quality guest service with solid and proven concepts. By providing several frameworks for thought, this research opens readers' minds to the idea of taking care of the guest and the importance of high-quality service. Statistical methods used to summarize data from a sample using indexes were frequency and distribution, weighted mean, and Likert scale, which conclude from data subject to random variation.

It can be concluded that most respondents are female, between the ages of 27 and 34, front office managers, with 1 to 5 years of experience in the sector.

Respondents concurred that the hotel ensures its guests' safety and that the staff is friendly in assessing guest satisfaction concerning services. Respondents overwhelmingly concurred that the hotel adheres to the health protocol in assessing guest satisfaction concerning the facilities. Respondents overwhelmingly concurred that hotel room mattresses and linens were comfortable while employees adhered to proper personal hygiene in terms of both items and labor.

The researchers advised hotel management to acknowledge their shortcomings and reduce what made visitors unhappy. For future hoteliers, it is crucial to understand the level of service provided by hotels so that we can determine whether they have the staff, resources, and amenities necessary to satisfy our guests.