Assessment of the Application of Student Standardized Patients in Higher Vocational College


  • Huang Guoyu Philippine Christian University


nursing, standardized patients, higher vocational college


To evaluate the application effect of standardized patients in teaching nursing skills training. A total of 66 students in a vocational college were selected as the research objects. According to the random number table, students were divided into two groups, one group was the experimental group of 33 people, and the other group was the control group of 33 people. Standardized patients were applied to the nursing skills training operation teaching in the experimental group, and the traditional teaching method was used in the control group. After teaching, conduct investigation and evaluation.

The researcher used two independent samples t-tests to test the score of each sub-item according to a=0.05 level. The scores of the two groups of patients in the experimental group were significantly higher than those in the control group, showing a significant difference. 96.67% of the students in the experimental group liked the standardized patient-assisted teaching method, and 93.94% of the students hoped to use this method in future teaching.

The researcher has found enrichment through the theoretical system of nursing practice teaching. It also provides some reference for higher vocational colleges to improve nursing skills training projects and inspires other colleges in China to innovate nursing practice teaching mode.

The research concludes that: the evaluation of patients, appearance, interpersonal communication, and evaluation quality during the operation process have been greatly improved; the students in the experimental group thought that the teaching method had a positive effect on them; standardized patients' experiences have a positive effect on themselves. To a certain extent, the method can stimulate higher vocational students' learning interests and autonomous learning abilities. It is suggested that future research should further expand the sample data to study whether to improve students' comprehensive skills.