Natural Vs Commercial: A Comparative Analysis Between Stain Remover


  • Keith Joshua Legaspi
  • Ralph Ian S. Cajiles
  • Erickson O. Wico


Cleaning Products, Stain



The demand for cleanliness increases as commercialization progresses. Several brands of cleaning products particularly detergents have emerged over the years. On the other hand, there is an increased call for sustainable and environmentally friendly products, laundry detergent included. Hence, this study is conducted to compare the effectiveness of commercial (bleach) and natural (vinegar) stain remover. This research sought to identify the probability of natural stain removers as an alternative to commercial products to help and support the sustainability of the environment.


The experimental research design was employed in this study. Catsup, Mud and Grease stains were introduced to two sets of identical fabric. The first set was immersed on a basin with a detergent solution and the other one was immersed in vinegar. Results were compared according to the duration of stain removal.


Based on the results of the experiment, commercial stain remover is highly effective when tested in Catsup, Mud, and Grease. Meanwhile, natural stain remover was found to be moderately effective when tested on a similar set of stain. Vinegar took longer time to remove the stain with about 15 minutes and longer compared to bleach which only took 5 to 10 minutes effective time. Therefore, this study reports that bleach detergent solution is more effective than a vinegar stain remover. However, both are reported to leave the same strong smell to the fabric.


Although the results show that bleach detergent is highly effective because of its processed chemical ingredients, vinegar is found to be a competitive alternative to commercial detergent solutions in removing the stain. It is recommended that further studies and experiments should be done in order to test the properties of vinegar and other natural stain removers as potential environment-friendly stain remover products.