The Effectiveness of Citronella Essential Oil Candle in Repelling Mosquitoes


  • Rosalina Alcedo


citronella oil, lemongrass, mosquito repellant



The researcher's main objective in conducting this study is to produce an environmental-friendly, affordable, and health beneficial mosquito repelling candle with Citronella oil from Lemongrass as the main ingredient.


This research study used the experimental method to allow the proper execution of the research. This method was used to determine the effectiveness of a candle with Citronella Oil as a mosquito repellant. Otherwise, the descriptive method was used to gathered data and facts to reach the objectives of the study.


Candles with citronella oil effectively repel and/or kills mosquitoes. The mosquito repellant candle with citronella oil better than another mosquito repellant which is sold in markets since it can kill and/or repel mosquitoes while providing enough light for the users. Citronella essential oil candle has no negative effect on one's health.


Based on the analysis and interpretation of the data gathered, it is found that citronella oil candle smells good before it is burned. Also, as the amount of citronella oil from lemongrass increases, the strength of the aroma increases. The candle is odorless when it is lit up. The smoke emitted by the candle has no negative effects on one's health. The candle with 10 mL citronella oil which is Candle is the most efficient of all since it lasted longer than the other candles and also killed the greatest number of mosquitoes. The mosquitoes that were not killed by the presence of the candle flew away weakly from the candle.