The Anti-thrombotic Property of Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum annuum) Extract in Type O+ Human Blood Coagulation


  • Jesse Daluddung


anti-thrombotic, cayenne pepper extract, coagulation



Blood clotting is necessary to prevent excessive bleeding when a blood vessel is damaged. However, not all blood clot is good for the body. Severe trauma patients with an injury that has the potential to cause long-term disability or death with blood type O had a death rate of 28%, compared to a rate of 11% in patients with other blood types (Takayama, 2018). Therefore, the researchers decided to conduct a study using cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum) extract to test if it has anti-thrombotic property that can be an alternative and cost efficient anti-coagulant drugs.


This study utilized an experimental design seeking the effectiveness of cayenne pepper extract as an anticoagulation agent on type O+ human blood sample, through assigning different volumes of the extract such as 0.10 mL, 0.20mL and 0.30 mL. EDTA and distilled water were the positive and negative controlled treatments, respectively. These treatments were used to determine if the cayenne pepper extract can prolonged the coagulation of the human blood sample, considering the Clotting Time.


In analyzing the effective volume of cayenne pepper extract in type O human blood sample, T1 which has0.10 mL of extract, yielded a mean score of 2.49, T2 with 0.20 mL of extract has a mean score of 3.49, and T3 which has 0.30 mL of extract has a mean score of 4.15 was rated to be the most effective volume of the cayenne pepper extract considering the prolonged time for the blood to clot.In determining the relationship between the volume of the extract and the coagulation time (mean) using Pearson r correlation, the value obtained was 0.0993 which means that the relationship between the variables is strong linear relationship. The relationship is positive since as the variable increases, the other one also increases. For the testing of anti-thrombotic property of cayenne pepper extract in terms of different volumes, using the one-way ANOVA test, a P-value of 0.0000010913 was obtained which means that there is a significant difference in the anticoagulant activities of the plant extract, EDTA, and distilled water as positive and negative controls, respectively, on type O human blood sample.


The study showed that the higher the volume of the cayenne pepper extract, the more effective it is as an anticoagulant agent in type O+ human blood sample. Therefore, the researchers concluded that cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum) extract exhibits anti-thrombotic activity and is effective in preventing blood clotting.