An Office Administration Program: Graduates’ Employment and Curriculum Relevance


  • Dr Analyn V Inarda
  • Prof Michael L Protacio


curriculum relevance, employment, job satisfaction, office administration program, self-employed, state university


This work explored the common concerns in offering Bachelor of Science in Office Administration Program in a state university, which are the graduates’ employment and the curriculum relevance as assessed by its alumni. The significant results are presumed inputs on future curriculum enhancement. Objectives have been very substantial since state universities and colleges being government-regulated schools need to be insightful if their graduates are being employed. The study utilized a descriptive survey method using a validated questionnaire checklist and interview. Notably, it involved the 54 graduates of 2014, 2015 and 2016 at the University of Rizal System Rodriguez. The results revealed that respondents are still young and single and that females still prefer to take the course. Furthermore, almost all of the graduates involved or 80 percent are currently employed a significant benchmark that the course is still vendible in various industries. However, the study may have not yet clearly establish job satisfaction since graduates are just starting to explore the spheres of work. On the curriculum relevance, graduates landed in the entry-level position of the course, which indicates that they obtained useful elements in their study that are applicable to their works. The results established the significant relationship between employment status and curriculum relevance, which means that program implementation preparing the students to be office professionals was concomitant with their employment experiences.