The Marketing Mix Strategy of a Food Hub in the City of Malabon


  • Mildred D. Capito


marketing strategy, product, price, place, promotion


This study aimed to assess the level of effectiveness of the marketing strategy of a food hub in the City of Malabon. A descriptive method of research was employed in this study. Respondents were composed of 391 customers of a food hub in the City of Malabon, wherein the majority were female, 15 to 20 years old and college graduates. The marketing strategy aspects such as product, price, place, and promotion were all assessed by the respondents as Effective. The researcher recommended that food hubs should enhance their operations by ensuring that food preparation and serving are on time; improvement of store ambiance and space to accommodate more customers; items should be displayed at the counter, and providing discounts to attract more customers. Food hubs should also offer other modes of payments aside from cash, develop their visual displays and delights, conduct food sampling as part of the promotion, and invest on having a branch in other areas to accommodate a wider range of customers.