Dining Management in Quick Service Restaurants


  • Christian Gerard Entero Borja


Polytechnic University of the Philippines, dining management in quick service restaurants, dining out, fast food restaurant, quality, quick service restaurant, restaurant, service


This study aimed to assess the Dining Management in Quick Service Restaurants that can pose an implication to the customers' behavior towards the service rendered by the team and the organization as a whole. This made use of descriptive research and was conducted in the form of a quantitative study of data collected from survey questionnaires. The research revealed that majority of the respondents were females, young adults or millennial, single, bachelor' s/college degree holders, private employees, made a once a week visit and, bonded with their friends. The respondents' assessment on the Aspects of Courtesy, Customer Concern, Personality, Quick Response to the Need of the Customers and Visibility was interpreted as Very Satisfactory. The recommendations are hereby offered: It is betterto have a daily briefing every shifting of the managers and staff, including customers complaints with the action taken, schedule and attendance of the team, monitoring and forecasting of the products, repairs and maintenance and other operational concerns for better communication and endorsement on what things happened from the time of their duty. Monthly meeting is also effective in providing better dining management, open forum for the staff and manager is essential for them to be able to understand what their assessments are in their daily operations, and monthly evaluations and assessments for each staff of the team, and acknowledging their work performance help them be motivated and have a reason to do their work and service excellently.