The Corporate Image of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth)


  • Servillano G. Medina


corporate image, corporate identity, corporate reputation, PhilHealth


The study aims to determine the corporate image of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) based on the perception of its client-members in the National Capital Region. The study employed a descriptive method of research. The respondents were the four hundred (400) client-members who are availing of benefits/service at accredited health care providers. There are five dimensions used in the study to determine the state of the corporate image of PhilHealth, namely Vision, Leadership, Tangibles, Service Processing, and Social Responsibility. The study revealed that the respondents’ perception of Tangibles, Service Processing, Social Responsibility, and Vision were all verbally interpreted as “Very Satisfactory” while Leadership was rated “Satisfactory.” Also, there were no significant differences in the respondents’ perceptions in all aspects of the corporate image when they are grouped according to profile except for sex, educational attainment, the number of years as client-members and membership category wherein there were significant differences on tangibles, vision, Leadership, and vision respectively. Based on the gathered data, the researcher recommends to consider the following: translate the organization’s vision and mission to English as well as in major regional dialects; increase its institutional and advocacy ads with focus on leadership and management initiatives; introduce a character (mascot) to be used in its communication materials; conduct an in-depth assessment on the frontline service of P-CARES; promote the Corporation’s social responsibility efforts. Finally, the researcher also recommends the conduct of a similar study to other regional offices of PhilHealth to corroborate the results of the study.