Examining the Business Impact of Grab Transportation Services in the National Capital Region’s Grab Operators and Drivers


  • Ruby Anna S. Raneses


Grab, benefits, impact, transportation services


The study aimed to examine the extent of the impact of Grab Transportation Services in the National Capital Region Grab operator and drivers. After the researcher gathered all the relevant data, they were compiled, sorted out, organized, tabulated, and interpreted. The study utilized Frequency and Percentage Distribution, Weighted Mean, One-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), t-Test, and Ranking as statistical tools. Respondents were predominantly male, aged 31 to 40 years old, married, college graduate, owner, and driver, with less than one year employed in Grab, average daily trip of 11-12 hours and average net monthly net income of Php. 41,000.00 to Php. 50,000.00. The business benefits impact of Grab Transportation Services in terms of opportunity for higher pay, the opportunity for safety and security, the opportunity for technological advancement, opportunity to provide excellent service, and opportunity for non-cash benefits was to a great extent. There were significant differences in the respondents’ assessments when grouped according to sex, highest educational attainment, average daily trip in hours, and average monthly net income. There were no significant differences when grouped according to age, civil status, job category, and the number of years as Grab driver. Grab Transportation Services must consider having “Passenger no Show Policy”; if the passenger does not turn up after five minutes upon the driver’s arrival, the passenger will be automatically charged with fifty pesos (Php.50.00) on his/her next booking, and this amount will be automatically credited/given to the driver. Create Auto Accept Feature; it is a feature for operators and drivers to automatically accept all jobs that are assigned to them when they turn on this new feature. Grab must continue to build and strengthen its network with the leading fuel stations, insurance companies, trusted auto maintenance service partner, car dealership companies, auto parts, and supplies partner who can provide higher discounts for Grab operator and drivers.