The Entrepreneurial Marketing Practices of Micro-enterprises in Muntinlupa City


  • Mary Rose Maharlika J. Palmares


entrepreneurial marketing, marketing mix, micro-enterprise, entrepreneurship, food industry, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, MBA


This research investigated the level of effectiveness of Entrepreneurial Marketing (EM) practices in micro-enterprises in Muntinlupa City. The research explored entrepreneurship marketing practices in the aspect of the product, price, place, and promotion of micro-enterprises in Muntinlupa City food industry. The study designed a questionnaire in Likert Scale consisting four parts about EM practices in terms of the marketing mix strategies namely: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion or the 4Ps and distributed it to 260 micro-enterprises in Muntinlupa City food industry. The research findings revealed that EM practices of food micro-enterprises in Muntinlupa City were effective in all aspects of the marketing mix strategies where place strategy got the highest rank, followed by product, price, and promotion. It has also found that EM practices have a significant difference when grouped according to the demographic profile of the micro-enterprise and the individual. Research implications suggest how the findings are necessary for policy-making, training, and development of micro-entrepreneurs' marketing practices. Likewise, this study contributes to the evolving discipline of Entrepreneurship Marketing, which, as a growing school of thought, needs further study to uncover the other facets of the discipline.