The Job Motivation of Garment Retail Enterprise Employees in Libis, Quezon City


  • Jennifer Grace S. Mendoza


job motivation, dignity of work, meaningful work, social, economic, spiritual, wellbeing, workplace, happiness, garment retail enterprise.


The primary purpose of this study was to assess the job motivation of the employees among retail garment enterprises in Libis, Quezon City, in terms of meaningful work motivation, social motivation, and economic motivation aspects. The researcher carried out a descriptive method of research, and the vital data gathering instrument used was a structured-modified questionnaire answered by 437 directly hired garment retail enterprise employees in Libis, Quezon City with at least two years term of employment. Frequency, Percentage, Ranking, T-test, ANOVA, and Weighted Mean were the statistical tools applied in the study through SPSS. The industry respondents were corporations who are operating for over five years to 10 years, with up to 100 employees, party and mass as its primary social and spiritual activities, respectively, and capitalized with up to PHP 3 million worth of start-up resources. The individual respondents were females who are over 25 years to 30 years old, single, college graduates, Roman Catholics, and employed for two years to 5 years. The job motivation aspects were generally perceived with “Agree” as to Meaningful Work Motivation, Social Motivation, and Economic Motivation as magnified by “My spirit is energized by my work.”, “I feel part of a community at work.” and “I believe employees are linked with a common purpose in the company.”, and “It is important for me to do well at work.”, correspondingly. The respondents perceived the level of job motivation aspects when grouped according to their profile as significantly different by their company’s number of years in operation, their company’s form of business organization, their company’s number of employees, and their civil status; in terms of Economic Motivation as significantly different by their sex. In terms of Meaningful Work, Motivation and Economic Motivation as considerably different by their highest educational attainment. The virtue of happiness in the garment retail enterprise workplace may be possible by strengthening its pillars –meaning, community, and growth.